BPaas Development

BPaaS Development

Most companies are undergoing a tough phase during the software development life-cycle. The key issues include setting up the server that hosts the web application, install and configure operating system, run time environment, setup test environment and other required middle-ware. Companies spend most of their time and resources to set up the development platform which is expensive and tedious process. These issues can be addressed by building and deploying applications on Cloud. Heights BPaaS delivers a robust platform, allowing developers to build, test and deploy applications with ease. Letting the enterprises focus on application and innovation, rather than managing complex computing resources.images (43)

Our BPaaS solutions are

  • Comprehensive: We provide end-to-end process support, covering not just software but also business processes such as customer call handling. In addition, we advise companies on the proper design of their business models based on multiple service providers, and we help them harness the potential innovations that can arise when these providers interact.
  • Informed: In developing our BPaaS offerings, we draw on our extensive business-process outsourcing (BPO) experience, as well as our deep understanding of industry objectives and challenges.
  • Open: Our solutions provide a common, one-to-many platform for automating highly standardized processes. Unlike others which frequently requires the service provider to take over an existing software installation our BPaaS solutions can be used by many organizations within a given industry and can be paid for on a transaction basis.

Deployer Solution

Heights provide the reliable, scalable, secure and high performance infrastructure required for the most demanding web applications. Enables Auto Scaling of servers that can grow or shrink on demand that is it launches or terminates instances based on load. This shared platform automatically allocates the resources without changing the existing infrastructure, allowing users to deploy easily regardless of any application requirement changes.

images (44)Organizations have their business applications running on different workloads that completely rely on the usage patterns. Some applications have stable users and some spiky and others unpredictable loads. For example, any e-commerce or gaming sites might experience spiky loads during holidays or time of day or day of the week. So, building and running application with on-premises infrastructure during spike demands incurs high up-front cost and requires additional resources to accomplish high performance. Heights addresses this by providing a highly scalable BPaaS environment that ensures auto scaling of network, storage and compute resources as per the growing business needs.


Faster time to market

We provide highly scalable and automated BPaaS solutions for developing applications efficiently, irrespective of any frequent changes made with the application requirements.

Best fit for Agile

The scalable feature of our BPaaS solution suits well for agile application methodologies, by provisioning necessary platforms with an iterative and incremental development process.

Improved collaboration

With BPaaS solution, developers build applications rapidly by having an effective collaboration with the dev teams working at different geographic locations.

  • Continuous delivery of products by overcoming any system crashes from unexpected spikes in demand.download (19)
  • Eliminates the downtime issue, customers can access applications comfortably during optimal usage periods.
  • Improve the speed of your production and outcome by letting the customers have a better access experience without any outages issue.