Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics
Heights Microsoft Dynamics service offerings are redefining how business solutions empower people for greater success, predict potential issues and opportunities and enable organizations to expand the possibilities for competitive advantage. Our rich experience spans global implementation, upgrade, roll-out, application maintenance and support, integration and consulting services. Our MS Dynamics solutions incorporate the world’s best practices & business processes collected over years of experience and learning from the industry which enable our clients to maximize returns on their Microsoft Dynamics investments.

Our dedicated Heights Center of Excellence (CoE) is our innovation engine. It studies emerging technologies and identifies ways to leverage these for faster and best-fit solutions for our clients. Our continuous investment in the CoE initiatives brings value to our clients in several ways. It enables them to get a preview of the technology without actually investing in it, it generates solutions for critical business needs and it delivers accelerators and frameworks that reduces time-to-market and ensures faster Return on Investment (ROI).

Share Point Solutionsdownload (10)


  • Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • Integration Strategy with LOB applications
  • Building Proof-of-Concepts to validate tools and technology offerings and solution evaluation
  • Augment customer bandwidth to define strategy and Share Point adaptation plan


  • Create/customize site templates
  • Developing Workflow applications on MOSS
  • Developing Intranet/ Internet portal applications on WSS/MOSS
  • Integration with SSRS
  • Integration with Excel Services
  • Integration with ERP and other LOB applications

Administration / Support & Maintenance

  • Level II / Level III support to SharePoint users
  • Creation /customization of site collections/ sites
  • Evangelize out-of-the-box features and help adapt
  • Health Monitoring
  • Update/maintenance of Knowledge base
  • Application of Hot-fixes, Infrastructure Updates, Service Packs etc

Migration / Platform Upgrade

  • SharePoint Upgrade from 2007 to 2010/ WSS to SharePoint Foundation
  • Migrate / Re-engineer custom SharePoint Applications
  • Content Migration from third-party Content Management Systems
Microsoft Dynamics AX service

HEIGHTS Microsoft Dynamics AX service line has taken an industry lead in providing effective, fast-paced and efficient solutions to clients. Leveraging our technology and domain prowess, we partner with our clients to co-create transformational value that images (27)provides competitive advantage to their businesses. We focus on lowering the operational cost and thereby increasing value for our clients by using specialized tools and expertise.


  • In-built country-specific modules for 36 countries based on currencies, time zones and languages encapsulating banking standards and legislative codes
  • Intuitive user interface optimizes usability, minimizes learning curves and reduces training cost substantially
  • Role-tailored design to customize resource data accessibility, enabling users to access information anywhere, anytime
  • Self-service reporting and BI capabilities enable rapid access to information and reports, thereby significantly reducing request efforts made to IT department
  • Rapid Start services reduce the time to configure ERP, thus allowing organizations to utilize more time on value-add services
  • Sure Step methodology increases efficiency with easy-to-use implementation guidance and tools, customizable templates and proven best practices
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Office expedites user adoption and provides business intelligence and collaboration at an optimal cost
  • Saves time and effort with workflows that enforce and enhance controls based on specific risk and compliance scenarios
  • Web-based hosting with the use of Enterprise Portal
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft products
Microsoft Dynamics CRM service

HEIGHTS is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM service providers, focused on lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an organization and optimizing client value. We are amongst the few service providers who have geared up to provide MS Dynamics CRM services on both cloud and mobility platforms. Our CRM practitioners with functional and technical expertise including domain specialists on diversified industry verticals address the entire gamut of industries. Our frameworks, accelerators and tools with precise implementation methodologies maximize productivity and save operational cost.


  • Seamless access to CRM through Microsoft Outlook in both online and offline modes
  • Easy interfacing with MS Suite of Products
  • Interfacing with other ERPs, GIS and Mainframe Applicationsimages (28)
  • Access to CRM on mobile devices by using web services
  • Generation of Out-of-box reports and customized reports
  • Creation of user-friendly dashboards as per requirements
  • Access to CRM on web-based portals for client queries
  • Built-in security model (role/object-based) as per client requirement
  • Highly flexible architecture helps create new business processes and modify existing ones
  • Send and receive faxes without fax machines
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) and Interactive voice response (IVR) integration for call management
  • Provides a common repository to store your entire client-related information

Windows 8 Migration

Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade from Windows XP desktop operating system has off-late gained the momentum across enterprise verticals. Most of the organizations are in the midst of Windows 7 migration or in the high-level readiness state of desktop operating system platform upgrade. However with the impending launch of Windows 8 operating system, enterprises are in a images (29)dilemma on whether to continue with Windows 7 migration path or draw a plan for direct upgrade to Windows 8. With Windows 8 services, Microland is keen to partner with enterprises in transforming enterprise end user computing environment. It will also help in developing a road-map that will build on the effort and investments made-in Windows 7 migration by leveraging the existing core IT infrastructure.