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  • Historically, real-time business insight has not been possible because separate analytical and transaction databases require that numerous complex data models have to be built in order to make data meaningful to business users. There are also scale limitations, as large data sets from different sources in the company can’t be used simultaneously to provide meaningful and instant answers to complex questions.
  • SAP HANA breaks traditional database barriers to simplify IT landscapes, eliminating data preparation, preaggregation, and tuning. You can instantly access huge volumes of structured and unstructured data, including text data, from different sources. SAP HANA is a completely reimagined platform for real-time business. It transforms business by streamlining transactions, analytics, planning, predictive, and sentiment data processing on a single in-memory database so business can operate in real time. Now you can get immediate answers to really complex questions and execute like never before.
  • Without real-time analytics, you can’t run a real-time business. With SAP HANA, all of your key operational data is in memory,mitigating the latency inherent in disk-based systems. Whether the data comes from your SAP® ERP application, third-party solution,or custom applications, the platform enables you to make improvements across your enterprise.
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  • By running your deployed SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) component on SAP HANA, you also establish a new paradigm of performance, agility, and simplification. Query performance and data loading is exponentially faster, so complex reports and analysis that took hours or days can be available in minutes – or even seconds.What’s more, the hours and days spent by IT in complex data modeling and optimization processes are no longer necessary when running SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA,giving business users the option of true self-service business intelligence (BI). You can consolidate separate analytical and planning,data management, and data storage layers into the SAP HANA database, reducing ad-ministrative overhead and ownership costs.Using the rapid-deployment solution designed for the database migration of SAP
    NetWeaver BW to SAP HANA, you can complete your database migration quickly, with out disrupting your existing data warehouse and fully protecting your BI investment. And you have the option to work on your existing data structures to take advantage of SAP HANA at your own pace.
  • SAP HANA powers a growing list of SAP applications, custom-developed solutions,and solutions delivered by an ever-expanding group of independent software vendors.These range from core-process accelerators (data replicated into the SAP HANA database), including the SAP CO-PA Accelerator and SAP Customer Segmentation Accelerator software, to planning and optimization applications like the SAP Sales and Operations Planning and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation applications. These solutions speed up deep, data-driven predictive analysis and help you create more complex forecasts while reducing planning cycles.SAP HANA also powers high-performance sense-and-response applications like SAP Smart Meter Analytics software and the SAP Supplier InfoNet solution. New and innovative start-up companies are also creating specialized applications powered by SAP HANA:everything from social media interaction to geospatial visualization. These applications run exclusively on the SAP HANA database.
  • Wherever your enterprise software is deployed – on premise, on mobile devices,or in the cloud – SAP HANA can deliver the performance you need. What’s the secret?Simplification of data management architecture delivered through game-changing in-memory technology. SAP HANA handles the transactional and analytical workloads together in memory so that you no longer need to load and process transaction data from your enterprise systems into your reporting and analytics solutions. No more converting, preaggregating, or indexing data; and no more performance tuning.Everything is in the in-memory database,including all of the data-intensive calculations, algorithms, and analysis . You can report on results live even as transaction data continues to be processed. And there are no limits to the amount of data or analytical processing SAP HANA can support, because the architecture can scale to the needs of your business now and in the future.

SAP HANA Solutions

  • Design and Plan
  • Evaluate and prioritize business scenarios for SAP HANA, identify cost and technical requirements for each – and define low-risk, low-cost deployment strategies.
  • Design Thinking Workshops Business and technical stakeholders jointly explore business problems and solutions to find the highest value from leading edge technology.
  • SAP HANA Planning Assessment Understand how SAP HANA and in-memory technology fit into your IT environment – and identify the right business use cases for your SAP HANA implementation.
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Solutions Upgrade and migrate your existing SAP NetWeaver BW installation to SAP HANA – or implement SAP

    NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA from scratch – with our Solutions.

  • Implement, Upgrade, and Migrate
  • Leverage SAP HANA implementation Solutions – including database migration, Unicode conversion, and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse migration and upgrades.
  • Pilot Implementation for SAP HANA Ensure a smooth pilot implementation of SAP HANA – and determine how it fits into your existing landscape – using best practices for moving data in-memory.
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, you get access to a range of Solutions – such as rapid onboarding, data

    migration, and elastic infrastructure hosting Solutions.

  • o Take full advantage of the economies of scale offered by enterprise cloud Solutions

    o Access Solutions for ERP, CRM, business warehousing, and select custom and SAP partner applications

    o Rely on global data centers with custom options that meet your compliance needs

    o Leverage additional Solutions for application management, custom development, and more Optimize, Innovate, and Develop

  • Optimize your application or solve complex business problems using innovative, industry-specific predictive analytics and/or custom development solutions.
  • Predictive Analytics Consulting Solutions Supercharge your business performance. Move from sense-and-respond to predict-and-act capabilities – with help from our Solutions for predictive analytics.
  • Education and Support
  • Train and certify your team to implement or maintain your SAP HANA landscape. And get the support you need to keep your environment stable and running smoothly.