For Executives

Are you a talented leader looking to enhance your personal brand? As the US firm grows, so does our desire to infuse our business with accomplished executives who bring diverse skills and experience, thought leadership, and a passion for creating value in the market.

At Heights our goal is clear: We want to be the number one professional services in the world – defined not only by size, but also from the perspectives of quality, brand, talent and profitability.

As a firm, our reputation lies in building lasting relationships and delivering value for our clients and our people. If you want to constantly learn and share your ideas in a welcoming and collaborative environment, then join us and be part of something special.

What to expect after the interview?

afterinterviewIf at the conclusion of your interview you have a strong interest in the company, write to the interviewer confirming this. It is a good idea to review any strong points that came up during the interview. Demonstrate knowledge of the company or bring up new information that you believe will further demonstrate your interest.

In any event, it is always good professional manners after an interview to write a note of appreciation to the interviewer or office interview coordinator. It can be a very effective tool. Make it a short sincere statement of your appreciation for the time spent with you. Reaffirm your interest in the position or firm if that is the case. Try to get it to the interviewer that evening or the day after your interview.

Accepting an Offer

index• Write or call the company to inform them of your acceptance.

• Establish a starting date.

• Inform the other companies that have offered you a position of your decision.

• Inform your school’s placement office of the name of the company and the type of position.

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