Advance Your Career

Every career path is different. That’s why we help you design your own.

career-leverageWe’ll provide the training, coaching and experiences that allow you to build relationships and take advantage of career opportunities. You decide what happens next at Heights or beyond career leverage.

We’re committed to developing top-notch professionals. Starting your career with us, you can expect a learning culture where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, excellence is rewarded and diversity is valued and respected. Your development is key we take a holistic approach to learning by combining a variety of innovative learning approaches with on-the-job coaching and career milestone development experiences, to empower you to build successful and rewarding careers.


At Heights, we’re committed to ongoing skills development so that our people deliver added value and quality to our clients,it’s how we strengthen our brand in the marketplace.Heights employees receive world-class learning opportunities through a system called Learning at Heights, where they have instant access to an in-depth catalog of learning programs and specialized courses, some of which can be taken virtually, anytime, anywhere.


We believe in helping our people reach their full potential. That’s why building professional relationships to help our people learn and achieve their career goals is integral to our culture. We help our people receive leading-edge technical training as well as skill-building programs and experiences. By assigning a coach, we are able to guide you through these areas where you can continue to grow and develop. Coaching, either formal or informal, happens every day at Heights.


Our people are most successful when they have the everyday flexibility to balance the demands of their professional life with their life priorities. Just as adaptability is necessary to respond to the demands of a client service business.

Career Mobility

The opportunity to develop language skills, encounter other cultures and learn how businesses operate in different countries and territories can provide an extremely rewarding career path. We have programs allowing you to earn and take the opportunity to work abroad much earlier than you might expect, through a fully managed overseas assignment, as well as domestic tour opportunities.


Your mobile future begins here.

As our business becomes more global, we must be ready to expand personal experience, challenge traditional career paths, and develop a mobile mindset like never before.

Enjoy significant career and personal growth.

Through our international mobility program, you will experience personal enrichment and career development in a distinctive way. By exploring the world and experiencing it up close, you will broaden your expertise, build lasting relationships and develop a global lens. Take a step into a larger world through the international mobility program.

Total Rewards

It takes extraordinary people to make an extraordinary firm. For us to deliver quality service and value to our clients what we call the Heights experience we need our people to have a similar experience here at the firm. Part of that experience is recognizing and rewarding staff performance in innovative and competitive ways. Career satisfaction is focused on more than money its also about having great opportunities, learning and developing, building relationships, and being recognized for your accomplishments. But most of all, its about feeling supported as you strive to achieve your own goals and grow your career.