IT Goverance Model

IT Governance Model

images-back-128In the current economic climate, forward-thinking companies know they need to do more than simply contain costs. They need to create value for customers, employees, and all stakeholders. As businesses rethink their mission-critical business processes in this unfamiliar landscape, they will need a partner who understands the changing nature of work and can help them benchmark their current position, define a new vision, help reconfigure and redeploy their core business processes, and guide them step-by-step to new levels of performance.

At Heights, we are already partnering with the world’s leading companies to do just that. We created the Heights Value Creation Framework through an intensive and rigorous two-year process in collaboration with leading global companies worldwide. This framework helps guide our clients through the process of reconfiguring their business models and operational processes to become next-generation businesses with enhanced levels of performance.

The Heights framework is based on four levels:

Fostering the capacity to create new products, services, channels, and market opportunities that will result in new revenue streams. Within this framework, the Heights Assessment methodology is used to map a company’s current performance relative to these four axes. We then help the client stake out a new position, defining the right balance of these factors that will deliver the greatest value going forward. In this manner, we identify opportunities to leverage the client’s cost base, improve business processes, unleash the power of virtualization, and harvest innovative ideas for profitable growth.


Improving productivity and operational performance in such areas as quality control, customer satisfaction, decreased time to market, etc.


Sharing work processes, knowledge and technology both within and outside the enterprise in a collaborative and flexible manner.


Optimizing the cost structure of the business, streamlining processes, reducing waste, and generating higher returns on investment.

A Passion for Building Value

Our Creation methodology offers a new pathway to business process improvement. These tools enable a deep exploration of a company’s specific industry and business as a means of reaching new performance thresholds. Starting from the optimization of cost structure, we then extend the benefits of our global services solutions across the entire enterprise mapping a course toward the right balance of efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and virtualization to transform the business.

With our broad portfolio of information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing services, we have extensive global resources, a portfolio of world-leading partners, and a track record of providing strategic solutions to our client’s most complex needs. And, as a global and highly virtual organization, we practice what we preach.

Our Heights collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform enables the seamless sharing of insights and best practices across our global delivery network, allowing us to bring the best resources and most relevant expertise to any client, anywhere. The Heights Value Creation Framework is helping clients embrace new ways of working. We are committed to delivering next-generation solutions to enable your business now to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

The Transformation

The Assessment framework is divided into two implementation stages, Optimize and Extend. For each stage, we collaborate closely with the client to define program objectives, responsibilities, and metrics for transformation, as well as a clear return on investment (ROI). We then apply our benchmarking and analysis methodologies to track, manage, and measure progress toward meeting these preset goals and ROI metrics.


In the first stage of the Assessment methodology, we work with the client to unlock value by optimizing the cost structure of core operational processes. In the Optimize process, we ensure that the business is operating efficiently and effectively. We design solutions that extract costs from our customer’s operations, apply Lean principles to eliminate waste and inefficiency, take advantage of economies of scale, leverage global service delivery,Maximize value-added activities, and achieve maximum efficiency from existing technology, systems, and business processes. The value unlocked by the Optimize process can then be re-invested in new business opportunities identified during the Extend stage of the Assessment process.


The next stage of transformation is to extend the enterprise’s value-creation capacity beyond current limits. We do this by identifying core business processes that can benefit from new techniques, such as the virtualization of services, globalization, and cloud-based computing. The objective of this stage is to accelerate collaboration and flexibility, and thus integrate innovation in products, services, and delivery channels. One of our core principles is that there should be no organizational boundaries on where innovation comes from. Using new techniques, the entire enterprise and customers too can be brought into the innovation process, yielding new products and services that are already customer-tested and customer-certified in advance. This results in additional revenue generating opportunities, taking business performance to new levels.

Practical Business Process Solutions

Our approach recognizes that, in the changing work environment, optimizing cost efficiency is the starting point for value delivery. Our Heights, extends the potential of the business by improving key operational processes, applying virtualization techniques across people, processes and platforms to achieve more innovative and collaborative ways of working. To produce meaningful value, business process solutions must be rooted in a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of each industry and each business. For this reason,an important part of our Extend phase is to identify industry-specific customer business processes for which we can provide high-value, productized solutions.

Tapping our deep industry domain expertise, we have created end-to-end, cloud enabled business process solutions in several industries. By freeing our clients to focus on high-value activities that are core to their businesses, our business process solutions deliver strategic value. For example, a leading pharmaceuticals company worked with us to create a next-generation enterprise analytics and reporting solution for its commercial operations.Not only did the company realize cost and process efficiencies, but sales and marketing effectiveness soared. These industry-focused business process solutions can be readily adapted and applied to the clients business to drive immediate performance improvements and help our clients deliver differentiating value to their customers.