From the CEO Desk

From the CEO Desk

Vision is something you create to rally people, so I want to have the right moment to rally people around something big. There is no point in just doing it for the sake of doing it. Heights, IT consulting services India believe in helms to stay rigorous, smart and sincere to sustain its extraordinary growth momentum.It has been an all-round performance with everything kicking in just right.

I do not want to say this was the result of a collective team effort that is so cliche. I want to say something better  everyone is pumping and everyone is managing their business, they are raring to go and they benchmark with the best.

There are many reasons for this exceptional performance, the structure of our core teams, our investments in client relationships and our execution discipline. That said, our focus is not only to do things right, but to not do the wrong things. One wrong turn and you get stuck in a tight corner.

We are a global company and we have learned as we have grown. Appreciation of different cultures is vital in this context, you have to spend a time understanding different culture, which leads to the people in those markets realizing that you are making an effort to value their ways.

I think the three technologies that are happening now (and will have a long-lasting impact) are cloud, mobility and predictive analysis. We are investing in all three areas. We have the capability to create many platforms and the opportunity for cloud-based platforms is enormous.

We have a solid team, we have people who have stayed with us for years. But we need to hire more as we go along and try to do many different things. Our structure has played an important role in our success. It gives us bandwidth, it empowers us, it delivers ability and speed, and it makes us customer centric. Our people are able to see the big picture.

The vital area is leadership. I firmly believe that the number of things you can do depends on the number of leaders you have. You may have the best of ideas but if you do not  have the right team you wont be able to pull them off.

Five years is a long time. All I can say is that there is a huge opportunity out there. It will be tough because it is not going to be straightforward. We cannot keep doing the same thing again and again.

The company sees itself evolving its international footprint over the next five years. We have established our first footprint in London, India.

We need to shape the future by studying technology trends and business models, listening to customers, by changing and reinventing ourselves. As long as we are rigorous about it, smart about it and sincere about it, and do all the right things, I think that we can do well.

We are now building products in areas such as retail, healthcare and government. We have always invested in technology and we are now investing in platforms for small and medium businesses.

Looking toward the future, Heights will continue to invest in the solutions needed to help clients meet the dual challenge of improving their operations and transforming their businesses. At the same time, we will challenge ourselves to aim higher, go further and achieve more. Our entrepreneurial culture, global resources and commitment are focused on delivering success for our clients, opportunities for our associates, value for our stockholders and a sustainable future for our society and communities. Thank you.