images-back-130-1The decision to start a family is often accompanied by concerns about timing, finances, career, health and a long-term commitment to care for and support another human being. Heights believe you can be a great parent and a great professional. Our programs, benefits and supportive culture are designed with that belief in mind.


Planning for an addition to your family

Consultants with our employee assistance program can provide a one-stop resource for information on a birth or adoption. This includes information about local doctors, financial professionals, adoption agencies and day care providers. At Heights we strive to be the kind of place where as parents you have the flexibility and resources you need to manage your responsibilities.  In addition to our benefits and programs, we included practical advice based on interviews with our partners and staff about how our Heights parents managed their transitions back to work after having a baby.

Parental leave

New primary care parents including adoptive parents receive 12-14 weeks of paid time off (maternity disability or adoption leave, plus parental leave) following delivery or adoption of a new child, concurrent with up to 26 weeks of job-guaranteed leave. In addition, we offer an additional two weeks of fully paid time to primary-care parents who give birth to multiples (e.g., twins or triplets) or adopt more than one child on the same day. We are the only Big Four firm to offer that distinctive benefit and our three weeks of leave for non-primary-care parents remains best in class.

Adoption leave and financial reimbursement

Similar to primary care parents who have taken maternity disability leave for the birth of a new child, Heights provides up to six weeks paid time off after the adoption of a child (or eight weeks in the event of multiple children adopted on the same date). The program complements other benefit plans and programs offered by Heights, including the adoption assistance reimbursement program for financial assistance with up to $6000 of eligible adoption expenses and the parental leave benefit.

Emergency backup childcare reimbursement program

The Just-In-Case program helps our staff plan ahead and get reimbursement for the cost of emergency backup care for children, older relatives and dependent adults. The program is designed to assist staff in managing backup care needs so they don’t have to miss time from work. Staff receives reimbursement for up to $1000 of backup care costs per year when their typical childcare or elder care falls through.

Mentor Moms

Our Mentor Moms program is designed to connect new mothers or mothers-to-be with another Heights mom who has already experienced juggling motherhood and career at the Firm. The goal is to provide newer mothers with a connection to someone who can provide guidance, insights or just a sounding board as they make important decisions about their career. Each new mom who participates is paired with a mentor, who then offers support and guidance over a period of 18 months.

Mom’s nursing program

This award-winning program provides support for new mothers who wish to continue to breastfeed after returning to work. It is available to all women as well as Heights spouses and domestic partners. The program provides discounted breastfeeding equipment and supplies and relevant prenatal information and counselling.

Mothers’ rooms

Most large offices have set aside rooms for nursing moms to pump to help facilitate their transition back to work.

Full Circle program

This unpaid, voluntary arrangement is designed for high performing Heights professionals who are separating from the Firm to devote themselves to full time care giving. The program allows participants for a period of up to five years to stay connected with their Heights colleagues, by providing them with a “coach” while they are gone. It also allows them to take advantage of the numerous available Firm resources, such as certain training and events.

Dependent care flexible spending account

A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account allows our staff to set aside pretax dollars to pay for dependent care for qualified family members. The account can be used for daycare, education or elder care.

Backup childcare centers

Heights has contracted with Emergency Childcare Backup Centers at over 250 centers in the US where partners and staff can take their child if regular childcare service is not available that day.

Family and individual sick days

Not only can our staff use sick days for their own illness, they can also use unlimited sick days to care for their sick child, parent our spouse/domestic partner.

Special Needs Caregivers Circle (SNCC)

Heights new Special Needs Caregivers Circle is a national community of partners and staff who are responsible for the ongoing care of a special needs child or loved ones with disabilities. The SNCC helps members by providing networking and connectivity opportunities, sharing resources and best practices and mentoring other members.

Helping parents find the right nanny

Our Premium Nanny Service assists all staff through the entire process of finding and hiring an in-home caregiver free of charge. Through a one-on-one customized process, the program helps staff understand their in-home options, conduct a self search or work with an agency, define family requirements and needs, attract candidates by writing and placing ads and interview candidates, whether recruiting their own or working with an agency.