What Is Flexibility?


Flexibility is a way to define how and when work gets done and how careers are organized. It is a critical ingredient to overall workplace effectiveness. Heights use it as a tool for improving recruitment and retention, for managing workload, and for responding to employee diversity. Heights believe in improving employee engagement and job satisfaction and reduce stress.

Below are some of the key options in workplace flexibility:

Everyday Flexibility

images-back-133-1Heights has also integrated the concept of work life flexibility into the day-to-day work environment through several programs, including:

Teaming Culture

A teaming culture in which multiple employees share responsibility for client service and deliverable enables our people to create work schedules that work best for themselves, the team and the client.

Work life resource and referral

To help our employees balance personal and work commitments, Heights offers this confidential resource and referral service that can assist Heights employees and their immediate families with financial, educational, career, childcare, elder care, disability, and stress management including free articles and publications.

Prescribed sick leave

To assist employees in maintaining work life quality, the Firm’s policy provides an prescribed number of sick days for all US full-time and part-time staff scheduled to work at least 1,000 hours a year. What’s more, our policy allows paid time off not just for one’s own illness, but also to care for a sick child, parent, spouse, or same-sex domestic partner.