Put Your Data to Work With Business Analytics

Every organization, regardless of its current capability, can benefit by becoming more analytical over time. From strategy to execution, Heights works with businesses, government agencies and other public service organizations to develop the predictive capabilities needed to outperform in these fast-changing (20)

Using analytics tools to collect massive amounts of Big Data from your organization is one thing. Extracting the meaning of that data and using it to drive real growth is another. Business analytics from SAP can help you unleash the power of collective insight by delivering enterprise business intelligence, agile visualizations and advanced predictive analytics to all users on any device or platform.

Heights Analytics and Insights services help you take faster and smarter business decisions. We also help you analyze large volumes of business data, test various hypotheses against this data and arrive at conclusions that help define effective business strategies. Further, we use innovative tools and technologies to deliver superior results.

How Business Analytics can help

Business Analytics is the art and science of developing new insights and understanding business performance strictly based on data and statistical / predictive analysis methods. An organization’s competitive advantage increases with the degree of intelligence that it gains with its own data.

Analytics provides more than traditional Business Intelligence. Historical reporting generally constitutes “what has already happened”. On the other hand, analytics tries to analyze the historical information and predict “what might happen in the future”. Analytics delivers the true value of Intelligence to Business Intelligence.

Services and Solutions

images (45)Heights Business Analytics solutions enable businesses to assess their analytical maturity and effectively utilize data to gain better insight and drive business planning based on statistical methods. Our experts have unique skills and expertise in deploying analytics services and assets that address specific, targeted analytical applications.


Heights has developed its DEMAND methodology based on CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) and extensive analytics deployment experience.

Our robust DEMAND methodology for business analytics includes five phases from Discovery through Deployment and Monitoring. We’ll help you discover the power of business analytics and the value impact it can have on your business.

  • Discover & Explore – Exercise to assess the analytical maturity, understand data sources and prepare the data for modeling. This takes 60-70% of the time.
  • Modeling – Identify a suitable modeling algorithm, create, select, modify and determine the key variables for modeling.
  • Assess Performance – Once a model is built, evaluate the reliability of findings. Estimate performance using model-test strategy.
  • Notify Results – The model accuracy denotes the applicability of the model on a fresh set of data. This is an iterative process until the model is finalized.
  • Deploy & Monitor – The finalized model is deployed in production and put to use in operation. Regular monitoring of model performance is conducted. If need be, the model is re-calibrated. The above process is further repeated.
  • Customer insights To help you understand consumption trends, loyalty and customer behaviour and manage the 4Ps (product, price, promotion, place) better.
  • Financial insights — To help you manage expenditure, cash flow and investments better for faster revenue growth.
  • Marketing analytics — To help marketing teams deliver the right customer acquisition, growth, retention and profitability initiatives and measure brands and channels across digital, social and traditional media.
  • Risk analytics — To help risk officers across BFS, insurance and healthcare industries effectively prevent fraud, reduce losses and optimize their response to regulatory reporting.
  • Spend analytics — To helping you analyze spending patterns to increase profitability and enhance savings.
  • Supply chain analytics — To help supply chain teams to effectively forecast demand and manage supply and inventory in a cost efficient manner, thereby improving the bottom-line.

The Heights Advantage

Best people: Our global network of professionals offers a combination of deep analytic skills, industry knowledge and process experience.images (46)

Proven offerings: Thanks to our years of experience in the field, we offer more than 100 industry, cross-industry and function-specific offerings, more than 200 standards and industry-leading practices, automated development tools, and reusable architecture components.

Unparalleled R&D: Heights Analytics is the culmination of a long history of innovation in information management.

Strategic alliances: Although we are vendor neutral, we have formed an ecosystem of strategic vendors with whom we team in analytics, including core alliances with SAS,SAP,Oracle and Microsoft.

Global scale: Through the Heights Global Delivery Network, Heights industrializes analytics processes through automation and continuous improvement, creating a vast engine to drive data-driven insight.

Industry Domain Expertise: Our patent pending analytical models and solutions in areas such as market positioning, customer lifetime value, price simulation and inventory rationalization help you capture multiple variances and adapt them to business needs. We have a highly skilled team of over 2,750 analysts with academic backgrounds in business management, statistics, download (21)econometrics, economics, life sciences, operations research and supply chain management. We also have a team of PhD holders with domain specializations in analytics across different industries.

Process transformation: Our FORETM methodology helps in your journey along the analytics maturity curve moving from descriptive reports and alerts to predictive analytics and optimization solutions.

Business transformation: Our analytics platform is a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics solution that encompasses sales, marketing, customer interaction management , human resources, finance, supply chain and procurement. Customized versions are available for industries like retail and manufacturing. The platform comes ready with industry standard KPIs, role-based dashboards, data models, source data connectors and an easy-to-use rich user interface.

Delivery excellence: Our digitized project governance helps to efficiently track and monitor our performance across all levels in an engagement. We help accelerate your business performance through continuous improvement initiatives.