SAP HANA Platform

SAP HANA Platform

SAP HANA Platform for Big Data

Big Data is an opportunity to change how you work, play and live by tracking new signals within digital noise. From major league sports and personalized shopping to carbon reduction and cancer treatment, organizations are using Big Data to re-imagine achieving what is possible. While Heights offers you one of the most comprehensive portfolios of real-time applications, we realize that you may have unique business needs that require a custom-built application. That is why SAP supports rapid application development on the SAP HANA platform and delivers tools that can be used by designers, analysts and developers to build custom applications that leverage big data.

Discover how the SAP HANA platform can help you realize the business value of Big Data by enabling you to:

  • Accelerate Big Data processing across flexible data management options to support hot, warm and cold data.
  • Acquire data from a variety of sources and combine structured, unstructured, machine and human data for comprehensive insights.
  • Analyze Big Data with analytic solutions to discover new insights across your enterprise.
  • Act quickly using applications that leverage Big Data insights to ignite new revenue streams and improve operations.
  • Achieve tangible results from your Big Data initiatives with services that apply advanced data science to your business.
  • Build applications using tools to create data models, code SQL script for procedures, advanced analytic libraries for predictive, spatial and text processing and create HTML5 user interfaces.
  • Deploy applications quickly using Git-Hub or command line.
  • Run applications that can consume data from a variety of data sources and are delivered via the Web or mobile device .

Data Services

With services from Heights, you can engage design thinking experts to uncover critical business needs and opportunities. Take advantage of services that range from a one-time expert advice session to ongoing management and support to quickly gain value from your Big Data. The SAP Data Science organization can help you define and implement a Big Data strategy to transform volumes of data into clear business insights and to optimize execution to maximize business performance.

The SAP Data Science team can help you define a specific plan for your business by offering:

  • Extract, transform and load a variety of data across data stores including SAP HANA, SAP IQ and Apache Hadoop to gain a complete view of your enterprise data.
  • Process text data at the source (for example in Hadoop) to unlock meaning from documents, call center records, social media, etc.
  • Improve data quality using cleansing, matching, de-duplication and data profiling capabilities to ensure more effective decision making and business operations.
  • Harness and make sense of all the Big Data at your disposal with SAP Data Services, so that you support critical decisions and business operations.

Industry-specific and business knowledge: Our experts can help you identify, develop and drive high-value innovative business ideas by providing trusted advice from inception all the way to execution.
Differentiating data science: Our leading-edge mathematical models and algorithms have been specifically developed to efficiently process large volumes of data and provide accurate forecasts of future performance.
Visualization and decision support: With performance analytic and decision support capabilities, our experts can you visual and assess business options to ensure the best possible outcome.


Discover how you can process and analyze Big Data in real-time with SAP HANA. As a result, you can quickly get answers to questions you could never ask before and you can run high-performance applications that make business processes faster and leaner. Increase business speed with SAP HANA an innovative in-memory, data platform that can be deployed as an appliance, in the cloud or a hybrid of the two. With SAP HANA, you can:

  • Store transactional and analytical data in a single, in-memory, columnar database to increase data processing speed, while eliminating data redundancy and latency.
  • Handle transactional and analytical workloads simultaneously in memory so that you can operate in real-time.
  • Take advantage of the built-in predictive analytics library (PAL), R language support, spatial processing, natural language processing and text analytics libraries to accelerate complex analysis with extreme speed.
  • Simplify the development of real-time applications that consume Big Data to drive innovation across your business.


Heights can help you deliver unprecedented insight to all people from data scientists, analysts and business users with analytic solutions. Analytic solutions from Heights can help you unleash the power of Big Data with predictive analytic, agile visualizations and enterprise business intelligence. These tools work in conjunction with advanced analytic capabilities built-directly into SAP HANA, SAP IQ and SAP Data Services, enabling you to quickly process large volumes of data for rapid. When real-time processing is not required, achieve exceptional analytic performance and scalability with SAP IQ, a column-oriented, grid-based, massively parallel processing database. Analyze current and historic information to confidently predict future events and achieve better outcomes for your organization.

  • Deliver high impact visualizations (from lines to charts to geographic maps) to convey and share insights to facilitate faster decisions.
  • Exploit full text search and analyze text in unstructured documents to uncover relevant content to your business.
  • Explore Big Data, get instant access from dashboards and deliver business intelligence.
  • Run ad-hoc queries on large data sets quickly with performance up to 100 times faster than other relational database management systems.
  • Take advantage of native Hadoop and Map Reduce programming frameworks, predictive model markup language (PMML) support, R language support and text analytic draw intelligence from a variety of data types.
  • Provide near-line storage for SAP HANA and SAP Net-Weaver Business Warehouse to archive and access massive volumes of warm SAP data cost-effectively.