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Leveraging People Soft Investments

In today’s competitive market driven economy, enterprises are recognizing the need to transform their businesses using approaches ranging from adopting new technologies to the way they manage technology outsourcing. It’s all about creating better processes to achieve operational efficiencies. Competitive businesses are redefining themselves in a way that images (9)creates differentiated value at every aspect of their enterprise.

Heights People Soft practice leverages Oracle’s relationship across enterprise applications and provides accelerated business transformation solutions to enable your goals. We have significant experience in consulting, implementation, maintenance, upgrades and migration of People Soft for HRMS, Financials, EPM and CRM applications for global businesses, across industries.

Heights PeopleSoft Offerings


Heights provides a number of specialized expert services in the People Soft domain. These services have been developed from our long experience in People Soft engagements for our clients who have gained visible and
tangible results in short turnaround times. Services include:

  • Application performance improvement.
  • Fitment analysis.
  • Proof of concept development.
  • Feasibility analysis.
  • Business process re-engineering.

Upgrade Services

Our People Soft upgrade services prepare and assist your organization at every step of the upgrade process, from strategy formulation to implementation. Our Upgrade Service road map provides a fully scalable service solution that allows organizations to plug and play the services they need to accelerate.

Heights Upgrade Accelerators including Customization Analyzer, Audit Analyzer, Script Splitter and Jump Start Kit deliver reduction in overall upgrade cost and efforts as well as automation to increase level of accuracy.

When a new version of People Soft is released, Heights facilitates your upgrade by working with you to smoothly:

  • Implement additional modules.
  • Implement new functionality within the modules you already use.
  • Do a pure “technology upgrade”.
  • Upgrade all of your custom programs (extensions, customizations, system interfaces, etc.).
  • Regression test to ensure all current business functions work correctly in the new release.

Starting with planning and assessment and continuing through upgrade execution, customizations, enhancements, testing and deployment, we provide everything it takes to rapidly and successfully implement PeopleSoft 8.x/9.0.

Data Archiving: PS Archive

Heights data archival solution PS Archive is one-stop solution for archiving and retrieving archived data, regardless of the images (10)data’s location. In the process of archival, production data is moved to history and from there on it may be retired and stored on different media like optical disks or tape. Prior to retirement, production and archived data are accessible with no extra interface or customization.

PS Archive has been created as a wrapper to Oracle’s delivered Data Archival Manager (DAM) tool for PeopleSoft and simplifies the configuration steps for the DAM engine. It is designed to run on all the base applications including FSCM, HCM and CRM.

Support and Maintenance

24×7 maintenance of your PeopleSoft Applications is a basic business requirement. In order to manage your production environment cost-effectively, Heights Applications Maintenance Outsourcing package includes:

  • Applications administration and security
  • Applications maintenance and enhancements
  • Batch processing
  • Database Administration
  • Production system audit and QA
  • Software upgrades and release management
  • Testing

Application Customization and Enhancement

Changing business requirements demand changes and enhancements to your applications. To help you adapt to changes and adopt improvements, Heights provides customization and enhancement support including:

  • Project management
  • Global roll-out
  • Requirement gathering
  • Customizations / extensions development
  • Data conversion
  • Interface development and maintenance
  • Integration– integrating People Soft with other application (legacy /ERP/Web). The integration service includes application-to application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) integration
  • Installation– installing PeopleSoft in the customer preferred environment, upgrade from the existing version to current version, applying patches and fixes, installation testing and certifying the installation

PeopleSoft Center of Excellence

PeopleSoft Center of Excellence promotes excellence in service through innovation, process improvements, knowledge management and competency development. The Center develops templates, methodologies, tools, accelerators and maintains a reusable component library to deliver solutions that reduce costs. We also develop proofs of concept and conduct pilot projects for many of our customers during the planning and scooping phases of an engagement.

  • Expertise in all major PeopleSoft modules such as HRMS, Financial, CRM, EPM
  • HR Solutions On boarding & Exit
  • Proven methodologies, pre-defined templates, prototypes, repository of test scripts, in-house enablers, accelerators and proofs of concept
  • Proven experience in successful People Soft upgrades from Versions 8.x to 8.x+/ 9.0 using our Global Delivery Model