Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solutions

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions

Outperform the competition with Heights solutions for enterprise performance management

Heights solutions for analytics can help you deploy enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions thatGermany, Bavaria, Munich, Business people using digital tablet, smiling support better, faster decisions and improve overall performance. Increase efficiency and enable a range of business processes for industries from retail to manufacturing, from the shop floor to the CEO. We can support your business as you define and execute your EPM strategy.

Define your strategy : Align operations with corporate goals, detailing and prioritizing the activities involved.

Align your strategy : Plan, budget, forecast, and allocate the project resources you need to align strategy with objectives, all while easing demands on your personnel and organization.

Monitor and report outcomes : Consolidate, monitor and report your performance in line with management, regulatory and statutory requirements. Maintain a fully documented audit trail without disrupting adjacent business processes.

Leverage optimization and analytics : Model and optimize drivers of profitability that can help you accomplish overall business goals. Identify and use comprehensive, relevant and flexible analytics.

Rely on Heights solutions to help you fully integrate an enterprise performance management (EPM) solution at every level of your business without disruption or added demands on personnel. Quickly realize cost savings, supercharge performance and pull ahead of the competition.                                        images (1)

  • Identify new opportunities for improving business and IT performance.
  • Translate strategic goals to specific activities across your company.
  • Improve planning and forecasting accuracy with SAP expertise.
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations and maintain a detailed audit trail.
  • Leverage your existing assets, speed deployment and minimize complexity.

Integrated Business Planning

To succeed, your business must be forward looking, able to predict outcomes and track KPIs over time. From strategic initiatives to daily plans, you should be able to define where you want to be tomorrow or in five years and to chart how you’ll get there.

Heights solutions for analytics can help you create flexible, integrated plans, bringing together data from financial, human resources and operational silos to support consolidated annual budgeting and planning on a monthly, rolling or daily basis. With powerful in-memory computing, Heights can help you improve decision making with real-time analysis and reporting, data consolidation and visualization. Leveraging deep functional, industry and best-practices expertise, Heights solutions can help align processes with overall strategy to address your core business needs.

Enterprise Performance Management solutions

Define Your EPM Strategy
Create a comprehensive strategy for aligning day-to-day operations with corporate goals and prioritize the activities involved with help from Heights experts.

Execute Your EPM Strategy
Plan, budget, forecast and allocate the resources you need to execute your EPM strategy while easing demands on your personnel and the organization.

Monitor and Report Outcomes
Monitor, consolidate and report your performance outcomes according to corporate and regulatory requirements and maintain a fully documented audit trail.

Optimize and Analyze Performance
Model and optimize the profit drivers that help you achieve your overall business goals and effectively use analytics to improve operational performance.