Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solutions

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solutions

images (2)HEIGHTS Solutions can provide you with the tools and expert guidance you need to effectively manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC). You’ll improve internal controls for financial reporting and IT system access, identify and manage risk and enable compliance with international trade rules, all while reducing the cost of monitoring and strengthening controls

Risk and Compliance

To avoid security breaches, scandal and fraud organizations must manage risk and compliance across the entire business and IT landscape. HEIGHTS consultants can help you plan, execute and improve access control, process control and risk management. Let our experts help you implement solutions, automate controls and better organize staff to speed reporting, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Fraud Management with SAP HANA

Fraud management from HEIGHTS uses the SAP HANA platform to execute real-time fraud analysis speeding execution, enhancing performance and delivering deep insight into internal fraud patterns. Experienced consultants then combine business-specific rules with advanced predictive methods to create custom strategies, alerting you to any possible fraud as transactions are executed. SAP HANA lets you analyze massive numbers of transactions from both SAP and non-SAP sources, including claims, tax statements and payment systems. The service helps detect, investigate, analyze and prevent irregularities or fraud in even ultra-high-volume environments, in industries from insurance, banking and high tech to the public sector, healthcare and utilities.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Solutions

Improve Internal Controls for Financial Reporting

Document, monitor and test internal controls for financial reporting  to develop more accurate financial statements and comply with controls legislation such as the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Identify and Manage Risks

Improve risk identification, assessment and management across your business and IT landscapes  with help fromimages (3) seasoned HEIGHTS consultants.

Comply with International Trade Regulations

Let our consultants help you comply with international regulations for licensing, customs control, and import & export trading  for reduced cost and risk.

Comply with Environmental Regulations

Implement targeted solutions designed to help you comply with established health, safety and product-safety standards  with exert guidance from HEIGHTS Solutions.

Improve Internal Controls for Accessing IT Systems

Engage our experienced consultants to help you control access to your IT landscapes via HEIGHTS systems  and continually monitor system use.