Enterprise Asset Management(EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management(EAM)

Achieve first-class asset performance with our Heights enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions
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Support asset portfolio management and capital project management essential activities involved in maximizing returns for your business. Gain comprehensive visibility into capital projects, as well as structured decision support using our software so you can optimize asset portfolio management and project governance. Integrate asset-related data, processes and analytics for effective maintenance operations using our software. Gain visibility and control to minimize downtime and maximize profitability. Shift to a proactive, structured approach to procedures and master data. Enforce service levels and optimize maintenance activities.

Drill into asset performance at plants located near or far to improve visibility of production rates and yields, asset usage, quality and safety metrics, energy consumption and emissions. Use SAP software to lower costs and improve operations and product performance and delivery which boost customer satisfaction and profitability. Ensure optimal asset information management of master data integrity throughout the complete asset life-cycle. Improve operations and maintenance performance using asset information management software from SAP. Support complex IT infrastructures as well as maintenance-worker data updates and easy-to-use three-dimensional visuals. Efficiently manage maintenance provisioning of spare parts and service for assets and equipment. Monitor external and internal supplies and suppliers including service procurement and contractor management. Fully support planning, preparation, sourcing, controlling, closing and analysis of solutions and parts with SAP software.

EAM Solutions

Asset Portfolio and Project Management

Maximize your ROA with comprehensive, integrated support for asset portfolio management and capital project management.

  • Approve, direct and better administer your maintenance capital budget.
  • Optimize your asset portfolio with insight into the most profitable projects.
  • Define project priorities and execute projects effectively throughout their life-cycles.

o Continuously monitor your organization’s entire capital project portfolio.

Maintenance Operations

Leverage a proactive, best practice approach to asset maintenance for minimized downtime, improved profitability and consistent service levels.

  • Restore physical assets to peak performance.
  • Maximize asset utilization and up-time in day-to-day operations.
  • Improve maintenance planning and execution for both preventive and corrective tasks.

Asset Visibility and Performance

Achieve real-time visibility into plant-floor operations in multiple locations and improve production rates and yields, asset utilization and safety metrics.

  • Set up plant dashboards, act on alerts and drill down into manufacturing analytics.
  • Track historical and real-time data to measure quality and plan for improvements.
  • Analyze equipment criticality to create optimal maintenance strategies.

Asset Information Management

Ensure asset master data integrity from initial handover through the complete asset life-cycle for improved asset performance and operational readiness.

  • Deliver the right asset information to the right stakeholders at the right time.
  • Leverage accurate representations of physical plants to enhance performance.
  • Support complex IT infrastructures, maintenance-worker updates and 3D visualization.

Maintenance Parts and Solutions Provisioning

Support the planning, preparation, sourcing, controlling, closing and analyzing of the solutions and parts needed for maintenance execution.

  • Better manage service procurement and supplier relationships.
  • Improve spare parts management, rotables management and contractor management.
  • Maximize savings by enforcing contractor compliance and use of established contracts with contractors.

Mobile Asset Management

Give your maintenance technicians secure mobile access to work orders, notifications and inventory information on the go.

  • Streamline processes by eliminating paper work and shortening work cycles.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by working to standards.
  • Get better visibility and improved analytics by capturing higher quality real-time data.
  • Keep assets running at peak performance with shorter response times and timely maintenance.
  • Complete safety checks and follow safe work practices to protect employees.

Operational Risk Management images

Maintain your assets in alignment with your company’s risk tolerance and stakeholder priorities to quickly achieve performance targets and ensure compliance.

  • Heighten visibility into EHS performance for proactive safety and risk management.
  • Accelerate employee education and certification for more consistent processes.
  • Improve knowledge-transfer when assets, conditions or staff changes.
  • Reduce the number and severity of incidents by recognizing warning signs.
  • Report near-misses and safety observations for accurate safety records.

Real Estate Life-cycle Management

Effectively plan your investments and align the related acquisition, construction, sales, maintenance and accounting activities with your corporate goals.

  • Get full visibility into what you own and lease locations, uses and costs.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs to free up capital for growth opportunities.
  • Make better investment decisions based on accurate cost / revenue performance data.

Idea to Performance

Transform new ideas into high-value products and solutions for shorter innovation cycles, quicker response to changing market demand and stellar after market solutions.

  • Achieve faster time to market with end-to-end support for R&D, manufacturing and service.
  • Make smarter decisions with real-time product data and analytics powered by SAP HANA.
  • Simplify communication by linking visualization technology to business data.
  • Reduce consumption of energy and raw materials while maximizing asset utilization.

Rapid-Deployment Solutions for EAM

Bring speed and predictability to your next EAM implementation with HEIGHTS pre-configured software, solutions or both at a fixed scope and price.

  • Quick implementations using pre-configured software and predefined solutions.
  • Predictable implementation deployment time and cost.
  • Seamless integration with HEIGHTS solutions.
  • Targeted scope defined by line-of-business needs.

Business Suite and Enhancement Paks

Support all core business operations across your organization with best-in-class applications, fully integrated into SAP Business Suite.

  • Leverage industry best practices based on thousands of implementations.
  • Deliver user experiences that match the needs and skills of different users.
  • Enter new markets with scalable software and globalization support.
  • Develop new products for competitive advantage.
  • Mobilize your workforce to be nearer to customers.