Financial Management

Financial Management
Unlock the power of your financial information. Automate and accelerate your entire invoice cycle for significant workforce efficiency improvements with help from invoice to pay processes by SAP. Improve visibility into cash requirements and optimize supplier discount utilization. The HEIGHTS Financial Solutions Network is an innovative on-demand solution that connects banks and other financial institutes with their corporate customers on a secure network owned and managed by SAP. The network offers multiple solutions over one single channel while supporting the deployment of new ones. Boost finance agility with cloud solutions that help improve efficiency while strengthening financial controls. Easily comply with financial reporting standards for both local and global requirements. And transform financial data into strategic insight for all lines of business. Optimize your financial value chain by linking customer and supplier facing processes with accounts receivable, collections and cash management processes. With our receivable management software, you can improve collection rates to boost cash flow and free up working capital all while enhancing productivity and service.


Rely on financial performance management software from SAP to help you drive financial performance through focused execution of strategies across all levels of your business. Our solutions cover the full life-cycle of financial management and put you in control of performance. Maximize business performance with unified risk and compliance management. SAP software embeds control and risk management across functions that span transaction processing to financial reporting. The benefits? You can conduct cost-effective regulation and policy compliance while proactively mitigating all types of business risk. Eliminate manual, disjointed processes across your shared-solutions organization (SSO). Our highly automated software platform can help you standardize and centralize end-to-end HR and financial workflows for greater efficiency and lower costs. Streamline travel management, from planning and approval to expense reporting and reimbursement, with travel management solutions from SAP. Standardize corporate travel processes with an integrated travel management solution to drive efficiency and see significant savings.

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Solutions for Finance

Accounting and Financial Close

Produce accurate and timely financial reports while complying with evolving accounting standards.

  • Integrate and control all of your vital financial information.
  • Produce financial and management reports that in still confidence.
  • Centrally track your data across geographies and business units in multiple languages and currencies.

Enterprise Risk and Compliance

Proactively protect your organization’s value with our governance, risk and compliance solutions.

  • Automate risk management and compliance processes.
  • Create risk-aware strategies and monitor execution.
  • Link your risk assessment to every aspect of operation.

Financial Performance Management

Become more agile by relying on our enterprise performance management software from strategy management right through to execution.

  • Link corporate goals to department-specific metrics.
  • Model, monitor and analyze your performance data.
  • Increase planning accuracy and reduce budget cycles.

Financials in the Cloud

Empower your leading edge finance department to adapt to the evolving business requirements and play a more strategic role across the enterprise.

  • Leverage core financial management processes designed for the way you work.
  • Integrate our flexible, secure financial management system with other LOB solutions.
  • Transform financial data into strategic insight that everyone can understand.

Cloud-Based Financial Solutions Network

Subscribe to a scalable, cloud-based network designed to simplify interaction between corporations and banks via a single connection point. Features include:

  • Tight process integration between banks and their corporate customer.
  • Quick and easy interchange of messages related to financial solutions.
  • Simplified connectivity for transacting with multiple business partners.
  • Secure and intuitive interface for applications, solutions and on-boarding.
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model and minimal up-front investment.

Invoice to Pay images

Streamline your accounts payable process, monitor payment status and ensure payment compliance with our end-to-end invoice management system.

  • Collaborate with vendors to resolve problems, address issues and submit invoices.
  • Identify areas within your organization that will benefit from shared service delivery.
  • Analyze root causes for late payments and manage invoice processing times more efficiently.

Receivables Management

Improve your accounts receivables management with sophisticated customer credit analysis, streamlined debt collection and seamless integration.

  • Reduce the cost of your accounts receivable and collections.
  • Analyze root causes for late payments.
  • Improve customer service and proactively handle disputes.

Shared Solutions for Finance

Get more value from your administrative resources with a financial shared solutions framework and improve your control, visibility and regulatory compliance.

  • Quickly establish a shared solutions framework.
  • Stretch your administrative budget and boost productivity.
  • Free up your people for more strategic work.

Travel Management

Standardize corporate travel processes with a single travel management solution to drive efficiency and see significant savings.

  • Realize savings by setting better travel policies and increasing compliance.
  • Raise productivity by reducing administrative tasks and extending travel functions to mobile devices.
  • Increase traveler satisfaction with easier processes and faster reimbursement.

Treasury and Financial Risk Management

Take advantage of corporate treasury tools that work for financial risk management, regulatory compliance and cash flow and liquidity monitoring.

  • Monitor and manage your cash flow and liquidity.
  • Understand your financial risk and reduce it.
  • Stay on top of regulatory compliance requirements.

Real Estate Life-cycle Management

Effectively plan your investments and align the related acquisition, construction, sales, maintenance and accounting activities with your corporate goals.

  • Get full visibility into what you own and lease: locations, uses and costs.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs to free up capital for growth opportunities.
  • Make better investment decisions based on accurate cost / revenue performance data.

Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises

Automate your financial processes, manage cash flow and gain greater insight into your business with finance solutions for small and midsize companies.

  • Benefit from an integrated business solution that is designed for businesses of your size.
  • Focus on your business while saving time and systems costs.
  • Build stakeholder confidence by providing accurate, timely financial reporting.

Mobile Solutions for Finance

Drive agility, improve productivity and sharpen your competitive edge with our mobile solutions.

  • Transform your organization.
  • Give your employees secure mobile access to the information and systems.
  • Leverage a wide range of mobile apps and underlying infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions for Finance

Boost finance agility with cloud solutions that help improve efficiency while strengthening financial controls.

  • Streamline accounting processes and increase overall efficiency.
  • Gain transparency and insight into financial performance.
  • Deliver business insights directly to the mobile device.
  • Achieve real-time visibility into your cash flow and liquidity.
  • Control travel expense cost and improve compliance with corporate policies.

Rapid-Deployment Solutions for Finance

Bring speed and predictability to your next finance implementation with SAP’s pre-configured software, solutions or both at a fixed scope and price.

  • Quick implementations using pre-configured software and predefined solutions.
  • Predictable implementation deployment time and cost.
  • Seamless integration with HEIGHTS solutions.
  • Targeted scope defined by line of business needs.

Business Suite and Enhancement Packages

Support all core business operations with fully integrated, best-in-class applications that run on your database of choice including SAP HANA.

  • Uncover new growth opportunities ahead of the competition.
  • Accelerate core business processes to run at market speed.
  • Empower your people to decide and act in the moment.
  • Innovate without disruption on an open platform.