Product Life Cycle Management(PLM)

Product Life Cycle Management
Design and deliver high-quality products with speed reduce time to market and increase product profitability as you reduce product design cycles and improve collaboration with integrated product development software from SAP. Connect design and development, procurement, manufacturing and service seamlessly through a flexible collaboration environment. Plan well and manage efficiently with portfolio and project management solutions to control projects, manage portfolios and monitor performance. Maintain a clear portfolio strategy aligned with your company strategy and monitor and fine-tune portfolios and projects. Target your investments for maximum profit. Integrate environment, health and safety (EHS) controls across the product life-cycle from purchasing and development to servicing and recycling with SAP product compliance software. Minimize your risk, protect your brand and take your business beyond product compliance towards differentiation and sustainability.

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Accelerate decision making, optimize productivity and improve quality with software that integrates 3D visualization and business data across your value chain. With SAP Visual Enterprise applications, you can remove the obstacles that have inhibited communication between your lines of business and your customers and partners. Support your core business operations with market-leading applications, processes and technologies designed to work together in a fully integrated business suite. Stay on the cutting edge with continuous suite enhancements and new technologies that facilitate business growth. And run your suite on the platform of your choice, including the in-memory computing platform SAP HANA.

  • Ensure compliant product specifications by making product safety an integral part of development.
  • Improve your ability to recognize and evaluate risks associated with EHS requirements.
  • Minimize risk by embedding compliance controls in supply chain, quality and manufacturing processes.
  • Extend controls beyond manufacturing to maintain compliance across the product life-cycle.
  • Align your product development portfolio and projects with the corporate vision.
  • Make better decisions with full transparency into KPIs across your portfolio.
  • Standardize project management activities, reducing administrative overhead and system costs.
  • Invest the right resources in the right projects based on up-to-date information on skills and availability.
  • Accelerate decision making across all lines of business.
  • Optimize productivity with visual access.
  • Improve product quality and optimize process efficiency by communicating visually.
  • Lower operating costs and reduce product life-cycles.
  • Run core business processes efficiently and effectively.
  • Leverage industry best practices based on thousands of implementations.
  • Deliver user experiences that match the needs and skills of different employees.
  • Empower your workforce to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Adopt the latest technology and software innovation without disruption.
Solutions for R&D Engineering

Idea to Performance

Transform new ideas into high-value products and solutions for shorter innovation cycles, quicker response to changing market demand and stellar after market solutions.

  • Achieve faster time to market with end-to-end support for R&D, manufacturing and service.
  • Make smarter decisions with real-time product data and analytics powered by SAP HANA.
  • Simplify communication by linking visualization technology to business data.
  • Reduce consumption of energy and raw materials while maximizing asset utilization.

Product Development

Speed time to market and increase product profitability with integrated procurement, design, development, manufacturing and service processes. download (2)

  • Develop and deliver innovative products faster.
  • Facilitate collaboration and drive more informed decision making.
  • Reduce product costs by optimizing components and accelerating design.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with a transparent product definition phase.

Portfolio and Project Management

Link ideas and strategies to relevant project data, workflows and processes to better manage your portfolios and projects from start to finish.

  • Align projects with strategic objectives to accurately demonstrate business value.
  • Balance your portfolio based on risk, business objectives and investment type.
  • Proactively identify project anomalies and risks and make adjustments on the fly.
  • Improve resource utilization by capturing and matching demand to available supply.
  • Streamline approvals for funding, resourcing, gate decisions and evaluations.

Product Compliance

Minimize risk and protect your brand by building product safety and compliance controls into your processes from purchasing and manufacturing to sales.

  • Make product safety and compliance an integral part of development.
  • Proactively identify and evaluate risks associated with regulatory requirements.
  • Implement compliance checks throughout product life-cycles.
  • Document issues and resolutions with integrated claims management.

Rapid Deployment Solutions for R&D and Engineering

Bring speed and predictability to your next R&D and engineering implementation with SAP’s pre-configured software, solutions or both at a fixed scope and price.

  • Quick implementations using pre-configured software and predefined solutions.
  • Predictable implementation deployment time and cost.
  • Seamless integration with HEIGHTS solutions.
  • Targeted scope defined by line of business needs. Learn more about rapid-deployment solutions for R&D engineering.

Visual Enterprise

See into and across your enterprise with intuitive software that integrates 3D visualization and business data for faster decision making and communication.

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  • Facilitate communication between lines of business, customers and partners.
  • Increase productivity with intuitive tools to navigate and visualize business data.
  • Improve product quality and process efficiency by communicating visually.

Business Suite and Enhancement Packages

Support all core business operations with fully integrated, best-in-class applications that run on your database of choice including SAP HANA.

  • Uncover new growth opportunities ahead of the competition.
  • Accelerate core business processes to run at market speed.
  • Empower your people to decide and act in the moment.
  • Innovate without disruption on an open platform.