Warehouse Management(WM)

Warehouse Management(WM)

Plan, source, transport and deliver better than ever with extended warehouse management software

Acquire the end-to-end execution tools you need to better plan and execute across the supply chain. With an extended warehouse management (EWM) solution, you can gain control over your warehouse efficiency, transform your operations and increase your competitiveness.

Maximize responsiveness and improve warehouse operations across your supply chain with the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) rapid-deployment solution. This pre-configured software and service package can help you quickly set up a modern warehousing system for enhanced efficiency, real-time inventory visibility, smarter storage and more.

  • Implement a pre-configured warehousing system based on SAP Extended Warehouse Management.
  • Quickly enable pre-configured processes using a clearly defined scope and explicit guidance.
  • Start now with the most important features to you and then add functionality as you need it.
  • Leverage attractive, predictable-cost solutions and reduce your reliance on business and IT resources.
  • Control warehouse processes and manage movements in the warehouse and your trailers in the yard.
  • Mitigate problems and issues with improved warehouse efficiency.
  • Transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its resources.
  • Respond faster to challenges and changes in supply and demand – improving competitiveness.

Integrated Sales and Operations Planning – S&OP

Drive faster, more accurate sales and operations planning by integrating your enterprise master data, planning and reporting processes on an SAP platform.

  • Synchronize supply and demand planning and align with corporate goals.
  • Leverage powerful analytics to proactively balance inventory.
  • Integrate supply network planning, from purchasing to distribution.

Manufacturing and Supply Planning

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Boost supply chain profitability with greater control over supply and demand, stronger supplier relationships and real-time visibility into factory production.

  • Operate your supply chain based on actual versus fore-casted demand.
  • Foster collaborative relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and customers.
  • Improve outsourced manufacturing with automatic order creation and publishing.
  • Accelerate production planning and detailed scheduling processes.
  • Deploy quickly with fixed-scope editions of global ATP, service parts planning and more.

Demand Management

Better forecast demand, achieve the optimal demand to supply ratio and accurately predict customer reactions to pricing for maximum revenue.

  • Forecast customer reactions to future pricing, markdowns and promotions.
  • Get up and running quickly with a fixed-scope edition of demand planning software from SAP.
  • Foster collaboration with customers to build lasting relationships.

Service Parts Management

Ensure you have the right parts in the right place at the right time for more efficient management of your extended service parts network.

  • Effectively market and sell highly profitable service parts.
  • Better manage reverse logistics and extract more value from returned parts.
  • Accelerate your supply chain with RFID support and advanced strategies for picking and receiving.

Collaborative Response Management

Improve communication with your suppliers, contract manufacturers and customers to streamline collaboration, reduce errors and cut processing costs.

  • Enhance visibility to increase the speed and adaptability of your supply network.
  • Reduce inventory levels while managing variations in supply and demand.
  • Significantly decrease procurement, sales and inventory costs.

Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse efficiency, optimize operations and sharpen your competitive edge with end-to-end extended warehouse management tools.

  • Gain real-time visibility and tighter control of warehouse operations.
  • Benefit from advanced slotting, labor management and automation capabilities.
  • Streamline inbound and outbound warehouse processes for a better bottom line.

Transportation Management

Keep information about real-world constraints, costs and penalties at your fingertips while planning and consolidating inbound and outbound shipments.

  • Automate transportation tendering, execution, tracking and settlement processes.
  • Create flexible transportation plans that adapt to process or condition changes.
  • Leverage leading ERP financials for freight settlement and customer billing.
  • Ensure compliance with international trade and hazardous material handling.

Track & Trace

Improve the visibility and traceability of raw materials and products across your supply network to ensure your finished goods are of the highest quality.

  • Meet regulatory-driven pedigree and compliance tracking.
  • Detect counterfeits and diversions by closely monitoring genuine product flow.
  • Expedite execution of recalls and reverse logistic.
  • Support traceability to material components, plants and suppliers.

Supply Chain Analytics

Get the real-time analytics you need to improve supply chain performance, responsiveness and accountability for a significant competitive advantage.

  • Leverage strategic tools, including department-level metrics and bench-marking data.
  • Accurately forecast and plan for dynamic customer demand.
  • Reduce risk with insight into supplier KPIs from on-time delivery to quality.
  • Accelerate your cross-border supply chain and improve trade processes.

Mobile Solutions for the Supply Chain

Mobilize your key supply chain processes and information. Our mobile solutions for SCM can drive productivity, boost agility and sharpen your competitive edge.

  • Accelerate the speed of business with smarter, faster decision making on the go.
  • Empower staff with secure mobile access to the insights and systems they need most.
  • Leverage a wide range of mobile apps and underlying infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions for Supply Chain

Respond quickly to changing market conditions with a flexible supply chain that improves collaboration and proactively matches supply to demand.

  • Leverage a fully-integrated business management solution delivered on demand.
  • Focus on your business and let HEIGHTS experts manage and maintain your IT.

Rapid-Deployment Solutions for Supply Chain

Bring speed and predictability to your next SCM implementation with SAP's pre-configured software, solutions or both at a fixed scope and price.images (2)

  • Quick implementations using pre-configured software and predefined solutions.
  • Predictable implementation deployment time and cost.
  • Seamless integration with HEIGHTS solutions.
  • Targeted scope defined by line of business needs.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Ensure product safety and regulatory compliance and reduce the environmental impact of your products with our sustainability solutions for SCM.

  • Keep up with rapidly changing regulations and safety standards.
  • Strategically redefine the way you design and manufacture products.
  • Optimize your supply chain and product life-cycles.
  • Protect your brand and reduce the cost of compliance.

Trade Promotion Management

Empower account and trade managers with end-to-end support and increased visibility into the entire trade promotion process.

  • Fine-tune account planning with promotion simulation analysis.
  • Increase brand awareness and profitability with trade activities.
  • Understand total trade promotion spending, profitability and ROI.

Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Integrate shop-floor systems with business operations and gain real-time visibility into your manufacturing data, from orders to materials to quality.

  • Lower total cost of ownership with pre-built, standard compliant connectors.
  • Deliver useful information to plant employees including alerts, reports and KPIs.
  • Control process-improvement initiatives, including Six Sigma and lean manufacturing.