Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration
Engage with your customers on social media

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Connect your customers, partners and employees with key information and processes in the cloud to accelerate business and drive results with SAP Jam. This enterprise social network solution facilitates collaboration at every level of your business to help speed sales cycles, increase customer and employee engagement and reduce training costs.

  • Protect corporate data with secure social collaboration across your entire enterprise.
  • Empower employees to find internal subject matter experts and collaborators quickly.
  • Help teams tame project chaos, build consensus, solve problems and improve decision making.
  • Strategize, communicate and drive progress with customers, vendors and partners.

SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase

Turn massive volumes of unstructured social media data into meaningful insights with SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase. This cloud-based solution can help you quantify net sentiment with a sophisticated natural language processing engine and correlate changes in customer opinion with campaigns, promotions, news and other events.

  • Uncover insights and trends in consumer preferences, emotions and behavior.
  • Quantify consumer perception about your brand, products, Solutions and competitors.
  • Track and optimize the social media components of your marketing campaigns.
  • Extract insights from user postings including likes, dislikes and the intensity of buyers’ emotions.
  • Drill down to specific details with intuitive dashboards and easily share insights with your team.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

images (15)Social media has created new channels for the way customers want to interact with you. Are you adequately prepared to find relevant messages, handle tens of thousands of them and respond intelligently within minutes? Using SAP Cloud for Social Engagement you can deliver a great customer experience by listening to and engaging with your customers where they like to hangout. Find the most critical messages and use enterprise data to glean customer insight. Then collaborate within your team or across the organization to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

Collaboration Cloud Solutions

Social Collaboration

Connect your people, information and processes to accelerate business and drive results with our cloud-based enterprise social network solution, SAP Jam.

  • Protect corporate data with secure social collaboration across your entire enterprise.
  • Improve communication and collaboration between employees in different locations.
  • Empower employees to find internal subject matter experts and collaborators quickly.
  • Help teams tame project chaos, build consensus and improve decision making.
  • Strategize, communicate and drive progress with customers, vendors and partners.

Social Media Analytics

Tap into social media channels to gain deeper insight into your customers’ expectations, track trends as well as the success of campaigns and new products and promptly identify areas requiring further investigation or a response.

  • Understand buzz, sentiment, intensity and conversation drivers.
  • Close the communication loop between your customer service, R&D, sales and marketing teams.
  • Incorporate customer feedback into your product planning processes.
  • Enrich your customer analytics and CRM data with social media attributes.

Cloud for Social Engagement

Improve support productivity by using social media channels to communicate directly with customers, understand individual social profiles and influence and route, assign and escalate messages as required.

Social Media Listening

Identify key messages with the right sentiment and product mention to break through the social media noise.

  • Get a prioritized list of important messages
  • Detect sentiment and keywords
  • Understand brand-level trends and buzz

Real-Time Facebook and Twitter Message Response

Prioritize, route and view messages from multiple Twitter and Facebook channels.images (16)

  • Route, assign and escalate every message you receive quickly and effortlessly.
  • Organize all messages by tagging them and flagging your favorites.
  • Enable collaboration among team members to boost the quality of your responses.
  • Respond rapidly and consistently with an integrated social knowledge base.
  • Deliver brand-consistent responses by using templates.

Complete Social Profile and History

Understand the full context of your customers by leveraging social and enterprise data.

  • Capture a complete history of customers’ social interactions.
  • View customer’s social media public profile and a timeline of messages.
  • Determine level of influence customers’ messages have in the world of social media.
  • Combine consumer data with social and enterprise data for an extended 360 view.


Gain real-time insight into key trends and topics being discussed by your customers.

  • Use embedded charts and dashboards to obtain critical information.
  • Measure your team’s performance and impact with built-in KPIs.
  • Explore messages and your audience by applying tag clouds.

Implementation Experience

Gain hands-on configuration experience with this enablement service that provides registrants guided procedures, a dedicated SAP Cloud for Customer system and the necessary materials to simulate the implementation of a SAP Cloud for Social Engagement solution.

  • SAP Cloud for Customer system is provided for two weeks.
  • Execution is self-paced, with total effort to complete estimated at two days.

Sentiment Analysis

images (17)Leverage data on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to gain a comprehensive picture of your brand’s performance, as well as areas for improvement.

  • Analyze behaviors and emotions on any topic expressed on social media in real time
  • Track the trending of buzz and sentiment over time.
  • Compare sentiment across multiple topics.
  • Gain a deeper, improved understanding of sentiment expressed on social media sites

A Host of Sites

Research opinions expressed about competitive products on these and other major social media sites and use that information to your company’s advantage.

  • Facebook and Twitter social media platforms.
  • Blogs such as Huffington Post, Mashable and Gizmodo.
  • News sites such as CNBC, New York Times, Globe and Mail and Forbes.
  • Shopping and review sites such as Amazon and Yelp.
  • Support forums such as Adobe, SAP Developer Network (SDN) and Microsoft Developer Network Less.

Natural Language Processing

Unlike statistical keyword matching, this approach determines not only sentiment, but deeper insights like opinions and emotions.

  • Delve into slang terms, recognizing a positive comment like “My new phone is sick!”
  • Accept phonetic alternative spellings like “luv”, “kewl”, or “gr8”
  • Allow for commonly used shorthand such as “ttyl” (talk to you later)
  • Recognize common misspellings like “teh” instead of “the”

Understand the “What” and the “Why”

Use these analytic tools to organize your findings into themes or categories to view overall buzz, emotions, behaviors and net sentiment trends.

  • Create customer filters that categorize posts across brands or demographics.
  • Refine searches and isolate brand commentary with ambiguous names (such as “cheer”).
  • Examine individual comments presorted by precision and identified themes.
  • Export data and graphics into presentations or reports in a single step.

HR, Learning, and Knowledge Management

Improve employee engagement, boost productivity and lower training costs with collaborative processes for managers in HR, learning and knowledge management.

  • Complement formal training with social learning in collaborative communities.
  • Connect new employees with people and content to speed time to contribution.
  • Create and share goals collectively for faster goal alignment and completion.


Accelerate the sales cycle, increase efficiency and keep key stakeholders informed of progress and opportunities in real time – with social collaboration tools.

  • Connect all participants in the opportunity process to speed proposal development.
  • Increase engagement with customers to build relationships and track deliverables.
  • Find and connect with subject matter experts to close more deals faster.


Efficiently plan, create, and execute successful marketing campaigns using collaborative campaign management tools to bring all stakeholders together.

  • Streamline program planning, execution and analysis with social campaign management.
  • Keep projects on track and on budget with social vendor management.
  • Leverage social media data to drive rapid analysis and customer response.

Customer Service

Work collectively with customers, internal stakeholders and experts to quickly and effectively resolve service requests – using our social collaboration tools.

  • Find the right expert to close customer issues quickly after first contact.
  • Improve time to resolution and contact center metrics.
  • Increase customer engagement and improve satisfaction.

Information Technology

Quickly, easily, and securely connect your customers, partners and employees with the information, applications and processes they need to drive results.

  • Eliminate disconnected social silos in your organization.
  • Deliver a single, secure social collaboration foundation across your business.