SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Rely on trusted enterprise cloud Solutions for your SAP HANA in-memory applications

In today’s real-time economy, business is conducted at the end points with customers and partners using mobile,images (2) analytic and social media technologies to make decisions and execute transactions in an instant. For prepared companies, the opportunities are immense. Operating in real time, you can monitor brand sentiment on the social Web to know what customers want. You can detect fraud and evaluate risk in the here and now. You can also analyze volumes of real-time data for insights that help you manage your supply chain better, make more accurate predictions and fine-tune offerings to approach each customer as a market of one. To support real-time business, many organizations are looking to leverage the power of SAP HANA. But with limited resources, your IT group may seek a quick, cost-effective deployment and ramp-up experience. After all, real-time business is about speed – and getting there should be fast, too. This is where the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service can help.

The power of real time with the simplicity of the cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a new offering that gives you the full power of SAP HANA in a managed cloud environment so that you don’t have to implement it on-site. This way,you can run your business smarter, faster and simpler than ever before. See figure on the next page. For example, when you run SAP® Business Suite applications on SAP HANA, you can unify analytic and transactions into a single in-memory platform for smarter business innovations, faster business processes and simpler business interactions. When you run the SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse application on SAP HANA, you can explore more in less time – and make decisions with greater ease. And when you use SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, you get built-in skills, leading to much faster implementation and simplified operations once live. What’s more, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is designed and built for mission-critical operations. With no trade-offs whatsoever, you get the performance, integration, security,fail over and disaster recovery of an on premise implementation with the elasticity,automation and ease of administration you’d expect from a cloud solution. And with the experts from HEIGHTS or our trusted partners managing the deployment for you, you get the benefits of unparalleled expertise and the freedom to refocus existing IT resources on core competencies.

Competitive advantage without the risk

273834_l_srgb_s_glIn the end, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud dramatically minimizes the risk you take on when adopting in-memory computing technology from SAP. You get up and running quickly according to a proven on boarding process and benefit from the dependability of a global company whose experts understand the technology better than anyone else in the business. As a flexible deployment option, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud also gives you greater financial maneuverability by turning a capital expense into an operating expense. This lowers the bar to adoption and helps you move forward without obstacles. What’s more, with HEIGHTS or one of our partners managing your SAP HANA implementation, you avoid a potentially disruptive deployment project while freeing up precious internal IT resources to focus on running your business better. And let’s not forget the power of SAP HANA itself. The ultimate value of the cloud option for SAP HANA is that it enables you to jump into a completely new computing paradigm one that gives you access to analysis and insight in real time. This can help you run your business better, serve your customers more effectively and drive competitive advantage well into the future.

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With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, you benefit from business-focused operations enabled by day-to-day planning, management and monitoring tools. Cloud frame the integral part of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, whether delivered by SAP or its partners automates the provisioning of compute resources, provides cloud elasticity and streamlines daily management. This enables us to precisely right-size your SAP HANA environment to meet fluctuating demand. And because system management is our responsibility, you’ll remain on the latest, most up-to-date hardware and software without the disruptions of periodic upgrades if you choose to do so. All of this amounts to the kind of end-to-end accountability you can get only from the industry leader in enterprise applications, in memory technology and business analytics and the strongest ecosystem available in the world. This leadership comes from experience. With more than 40 years supporting mission-critical systems, SAP serves over 250,000 customers in 188 different countries. And when you use SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, you’re working with the people who created the technology in the first place. To put it simply, nobody knows better how to meet your SAP HANA needs than SAP.

With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, you also get access to a wide range of Solutions. These include a recommended assessment to gauge your readiness for cloud deployment,application management to alleviate the burden on IT and custom Solutions like application development to help you maximize the value of SAP HANA. As part of the offering, you also receive rapid on boarding and data migration, full technical support and the complete range of elastic infrastructure hosting Solutions you’d expect from a cloud agreement. When it comes to deployment, you get choices as well go all cloud all the way or use SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for pilot purposes and then move it on premise after the business case is established. You can also take a hybrid approach, moving mission-critical productive systems on premise while keeping test and development systems in the cloud. Whatever the case, our goal is to provide options that speed your time to value while meeting all your business needs. Finally, HEIGHTS and its valued partners facilitate global availability through data centers all over the world. With uninterrupted access to the world’s largest pool of in-memory infrastructure, you have the resources to run even your most mission-critical enterprise applications in the cloud. We can even offer you customized arrangements to meet unique compliance requirements.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Assessment & Advisory

Assess the potential business value of moving from on-premise to the cloud – and identify the business and solution requirements needed to make the move. images (4)

  • Explore operational feasibility from a business, technical and organizational perspective.
  • Define your scope, requirements, target architecture and project and transition plan.
  • Determine the right migration and optimization options for your business.
  • Outline the total cost of ownership (TCO) and value proposition.

Onboarding & Migration

Seamlessly on-board and migrate your systems to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and transfer ongoing operations from your existing data center to the new environment.

  • Leverage on-boarding and migration solutions based on proven SAP best practices.
  • Engage optional Solutions to meet specific requirements, such as minimized downtime.
  • Quickly build new cloud applications with pre-assembled rapid-deployment solutions.

Cloud Hosting & Managed Solutions

Let SAP experts manage and monitor your cloud infrastructure, systems and applications. And synchronize cloud capacity with your business cycles.

  • Take advantage of maximum system up-time, compliance and security.
  • Rely on a resilient infrastructure for your applications and SAP HANA database.
  • Leverage additional managed Solutions based on your SLA requirements.

Application Management & Custom Solutions

Leverage application management and custom cloud Solutions based on your specific business needs – for smoother operations and faster innovation.

  • Empower users with industry support, proven tools and firsthand SAP expertise.
  • Optimize TCO with expert advice and best practices for boosting efficiency.
  • Apply expert planning for new projects and application development.
  • Realize the full value of the SAP HANA platform with test optimization Solutions.