Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Secure devices, apps, content and communications with SAP Mobile Secure enterprise mobility management portfolio

Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Meet the diverse challenges of enterprise mobility head on – with the SAP Mobile Secure
  • Rely on SAP’s robust mobile device management, application management and content management solution
  • Protect critical corporate data with the most scalable, secure architecture
  • Choose scalable and flexible deployment methods – Cloud or On-Premise
  • Support for both personally owned and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios

Secure Devices

Give your IT department anytime, anywhere control over all of your deployed devices with SAP Afaria. This trusted solution manages and secures deployments of mobile devices for any size company – in the cloud or on-premise. This comprehensive solution includes advanced security features and real-time analytics providing the insight you need protect your mobile data 24/7.

  • Gain actionable insight into real-time device usage and status
  • Enhance security with the ability to remotely lock and wipe devices and ensure compliance with gated access
  • Deliver client-side application portal – quickly and securely
  • Leverage real-time analytics for insight into device status, optimize mobile inventory levels, improve license management for third party apps

Secure Apps

Device management is the cornerstone of a complete enterprise mobility management strategy. However, imagesalternative mobile application security methods are becoming more prevalent – including approaches that move management and security into applications. Accelerate app adoption with no coding or security expertise and eliminate security bottlenecks for un-managed and managed devices.

  • Secure mobile applications without writing any code
  • Engage in a consumer-like application discovery through an integrated enterprise App Store
  • Deploy mobile life-cycle management of apps across mobile device platforms

Secure Content

Give your business users the tools they need to securely view, present and collaborate on personal business documents and corporate content anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device – with our mobile content management solutions. These enterprise-ready tools can help you reduce business risk, ensure compliance, increase productivity, and more.

  • Minimize the cost and complexity of accessing personal and corporate data on mobile devices
  • Gain efficiencies by collaborating to ensure you always have a “single source of truth”
  • Keep vital corporate content at your fingertips – with easy, on-the-go accessibility
  • Reduce business risk by integrating with content stored in trusted data sources
Managed Mobility

Quickly and confidently mobilize your business with little complexity, minimal set-up time and zero infrastructure costs – with managed mobility Solutions (MMS) from SAP and our trusted partners. Rely on our experts to help you speed time to value, enhance security, reduce risk and more.

  • Accelerate implementation and deployment with enhanced security and controls
  • Scale IT resources up or down as needed – with a flexible infrastructure
  • Get complete mobile visibility with advanced reporting from trusted telco and SI partners
Mobile Secure Solutions

Managed Mobility delivers cloud-based mobility management solution without large upfront investment

SAP partners with trusted Telco operators and system integrators for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). MaaS offerings range from application development to mobile device management and security.

  • Minimal upfront capital investment and accelerated time to value
  • Faster implementation and deployment with enhanced security and controls
  • Eliminate expensive IT infrastructure with flexibility to scale IT resources up and down
  • Trusted Telco and SI partners provides complete visibility with advanced reporting

Find the Managed Mobility Service (MMS) Partner That’s Right for You

Maximize the business value of mobility – while minimizing the complexity of managing it – with managed mobility Solutions (MMS) from our partners. Leverage the proven expertise of leading network operators, solution integrators, developers and more.

  • Drive better business outcomes with simplified mobility management
  • Improve cross-platform application development
  • Implement advanced mobile device management and security

Managing Mobile Costs – Who’s Really in Control?

Make sure you have a security guard for your mobile employees. Learn how an effective mobility management strategy can help you meet the unique challenges of making your mobile workers more productive while also keeping down the costs of doing so.

images (2)Make Bring-Your-Own-Device Policies Work for You and Your Employees

Find out how SAP Afaria can help with establishing a bring-your-own-device policy for employees while providing the data they need, controlling costs and enforcing information security. The mobile device management solution centralizes control of applications and devices across the enterprise.

Yankee Group Names SAP a Winner in Enterprise Mobility

Learn why the Yankee Group Technology Road-map report recognized SAP as a winner for being ahead of the curve when it comes to addressing – and solving – the challenges of integrating mobile device management and mobile application management solutions.

5 Things Every Workplace Should Consider

Cloud brings flexibility and options to companies deploying a mobile strategy. Learn how this five-step approach for developing a holistic end-to-end mobile strategy that embraces the undeniable benefits of extending consumerization of IT to employees while mitigating the risks and concerns associated with allowing employees to bring their own devices into the workplace.

Control Your Android Deployment

Find out how you can reduce the complexity of managing Samsung Android devices with our mobile device management solution, SAP Afaria. Automate and control over-the-air deployments, configuration and app management – without the need for user intervention.

SAP Afaria MDM Solution to Immediately Manage and Secure iOS 6 Devices

The industry-leading SAP Afaria mobile device management solution will immediately support iOS 6 key new features. SAP continues to leverage Apples new updates and plug ins. IT professionals can feel secure that Afaria makes iOS 6 enterprise-grade.

Abantia: Enable On-The-Go Service Technicians

Find out how Abantia has improved business process efficiencies and reduced costs by giving on-the-go technicians access to back-end systems and information via their mobile devices. SAP Mobile Platform, Afaria and other SAP solutions have been instrumental in helping improve customer service.