Specialized Testing Services

Specialized Testing Services


The proliferation of the internet, devices and associated applications bring in a fear of privacy violation and reputation loss. We help our customers keep their applications highly secure and reliable, so that their customers can safely carry out business transactions and share information without worrying about Specialized.

Our Specialized testing services primarily addresses different threats to information Specialized when it comes to mission critical business applications. We collaborate with our customers throughout the development cycle and enable them to identify and eliminate specialized risks.

Specialized Testing Service is implemented with the goal of finding any vulnerability that can affect the application under test. Our Services provide a rigorous analysis of potential vulnerabilities in applications to minimize the potential for exploitation by all forms of specialized threats.

Securing Applications, Comprehensively!

Heights provide end to end specialized testing services that cover all web applications and client-server applications. Our approach incorporates various elements of application Specialized across all stages of the software development life cycle to enhance customer confidence.

Our Specialized testing services include:

Application Specialized Assessment

Application Specialized Assessment service is a consultant driven detailed analysis of your application Specialized, covering application risks within requirements, code, specialized control implementation, and application infrastructure. Our consultants use a combination of techniques such as Threat Modeling, Code Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing to identify application Specialized vulnerabilities, their risk levels and their mitigation.

Application Specialized

The Application Specialized review covers a detailed assessment of specialized requirements, specialized architecture and design, secure implementation, specialized testing plan and deployment infrastructure of an application and its components.

Threat Modeling

A threat model assesses an application or its component for potential threats providing threat ratings based on the criticality of the threat and possible attack exposure. Our process comprehensively records all the application components such as entry points, exit points, dependencies, information and data flow, user roles, protected resources, attack path and mitigation objectives.

Secure Code Analysis

A comprehensive Specialized assessment and analysis of application code, focuses on application Specialized considerations such as secure programming, business-driven application specialized policies, information protection needs, authentication needs, access controls, authorization and trusted computing needs.

Application Specialized Testing

An application and its components are inspected for level of their resilience to possible application Specialized threats. Application Vulnerability Assessment identifies specialized flaws that may expose the business to risk due to internal threats. Penetration Testing identifies vulnerabilities in the web applications that could be exploited through internet facing components.


  • Early identification of defects helps reduce total cost of quality
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Increased assurance and confidence in application